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We carry out holistic implementations in the fields of culture, strategy, leadership and performance by combining our knowledge and experience in line with energy and energy products industry dynamics with up-to-date content and requirements of industry.

Corporate Culture and Values

We carry out implementations for creating a shared culture by effectively managing cultural change processes and internalizing of corporate culture and values by all employees within the framework of company strategies and priorities. We create a common corporate language among all executives and employees, we provide spreading of corporate culture and values to whole organization and alignment.

Strategic Foresights and Scenario Planning

We carry out implementations for the companies in the industry to progress with the right strategic foresights, to perform multidimensional analyzes from a holistic perspective, to see the unseen and evaluate their risks in this context. Considering the corporate culture and priorities, we create effective scenario plans in line with the changes and developments in the industry.

Strategy Planning and Managing

We determine strategies within the framework of industry dynamics with accurate strategic foresights and multidimensional evaluations, and we create strategy plans that cover the whole organization with holistic approaches. We monitor, measure and develop the results by monitoring the effectiveness of the strategy. We exhibit sustainable approaches towards achieving to the targeted success.

Risk Analysis and Risk Management Culture

Based on the changes and developments in the industry, we define potential risks in the framework of company strategies and priorities with multidimensional evaluations and correct foresights. By providing the integration of new dynamics and understandings with the company culture in risk management, we create risk management culture throughout the company.

Inclusive and Collaborative Leadership Implementations

In cases where uncertainty and risk are high, we carry out implementations to increase the effectiveness with inclusive and collaborative leadership practices, to determine the actions that will contribute to the management of unforeseen situations, and to provide sustainability by creating an inclusive culture. We support with effective implementations by aiming at the reflection of inclusive and collaborative approaches to business processes.

Holistic Performance Management

We carry out to establish an effective structure that will provide the sustainability of performance integrated with corporate strategy and priorities, as well as to create integration between strategy, objectives and competencies. With RACA© Performance Management System, we create a holistic structure and perform effective measurements. In line with the trends and requirements in the industry, we aim for sustainable development by forming the basis for developing the potential of employees at the highest point.

Project Management Mentoring Implementations

We carry out project management mentoring implementations in order to prepare new projects that will provide added value within the scope of company priorities, to effectively manage existing projects, to strengthen communication, cooperation and coordination among the company employees. With a simple, lean and unique understanding; we contribute to the transformation of each implementation into a culture by developing specific project management systematics specially for the company.

Competency Management (VENTO©)

We prepare and implement individual competency development plans by multidimensionally analyzing current competency levels within the company with effective measurement tools. We make important contributions to the development of new competency sets that energy and energy products industry needs. With VENTO© Competency Management Model, we create systematics that will provide the sustainability of competency development.We support individual competency development through communication, accountability, priority management, feedback culture, leadership, strategy, culture and common values, problem solving, project management, resource management and planning training programs.

What We Have Done?

You can reach our success stories in the field of Energy and Energy Products below. The content of practices is briefly explained because of our respect to confidential information of our clients.
Corporate Culture, Performance Management

The workshop was organized to create common corporate language and strengthen shared culture for the leading energy company of Holding group that operates in Turkey and abroad with its 31 companies.Priority subjects to focus on were determined and applied programs were designed in line with company priorities.

Applied development programs were carried out in the subjects of communication, negotiation management, performance and feedback. Efficiency was measured both before and after each program.

The actions and development steps to accelerate the transformation of all practices into corporate culture were defined.

Practices: Preparation, workshop, applied development programs, measurement

Duration: 6-months

Communication, Collaboration, Corporate Culture and Values

Conferences were carried out for the leading energy company of Holding group that operates in Turkey and abroad with its 31 companies in the subjects of “communication, collaboration, team spirit, culture and values” to develop a common language and strengthen the shared culture among production teams.

960 people attended to the conferences.

The actions were evaluated to provide sustainability of key messages in the conferences and transformation of them into a culture.

Practices: Preparation, conferences.

Duration: 1-month

Holistic View and Corporate Culture

Workshops and conferences were carried out to create a common synergy by taking the participation of newly joined employees for Turkey location of a global company that operates in more than 50 countries with its 29.000 employees and 106 plants.

It was aimed to strengthen further the collaborative. Specific content and program were designed through comprehensive preparation studies.

Corporate culture, structure, leadership implementations, expectations for sustainable success, priority issues and actions were multidimensionally evaluated. A roadmap was prepared including priority actions.

Practices:Preparation, workshop, conferences.

Duration: 3-months

From Strategy to Performance©, Corporate Analysis, Strategic Roadmap

Corporate analysis implementations were carried out within the framework of From Strategy to Performance© Program for Turkey location of global company that operates in 60 countries in more than 60 offices and 16 production plants with its 8000 employees for 148 years.In the process involving top management, executives and key employees, the subjects that accelerate the current structure and developing areas were clarified.

After Strategy Workshop, Strategic Roadmap were created by identifying priority subjects that the company should focus on. In this context, short, medium, long term action plans were prepared.

Practices: Corporate analysis, strategy workshop, strategic roadmap

Duration: 2-months

Strategy and Proactive Approaches Development

The program was carried out with the aims of developing different strategic solutions in order to manage the change effectively by foreseeing the possible risks and creating proactive approaches for Turkey location of global energy and petrochemicals company group that operates in more than 70 countries with its approximately 86.000 employees.

Program contents are enriched with global trends, current business models and strategic approaches, different examples and implementations. Achievements were obtained in terms of effective planning, result orientation, providing alignment and the importance of holistic approaches for sustainable success.

Practices:Preparation, applied workshop.

Duration: 1-week

Leadership, Business Development, Competency Development

It was carried out an applied development program and workshop for the sales leaders of the third largest company of Turkey. It was aimed to provide business development and increase customer satisfaction.

Sales competency framework was created and shared with sales leaders. Additionally, sales leaders were participated to “train the trainer program” to learn the key messages and techniques about business development and customer satisfaction increase, then teach them to their team and execute in their region.

During the process common perspective was created among sales leaders and it was aimed to transform all the implementations into a culture.

Practices: Preparation, applied development program, workshop, systematic development.

Duration: 3-months

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  • Prysmian Group
  • Wilo Turkey
  • Shell Turkey


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We have created our training programs based on the rapid changes and requirements in the business world. We have designed “ambitious contents” in the fields of Culture, Strategy, Leadership and Performance.
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We have developed “RACA© Performance Management System” software program based on the needs of the leading companies of our country that we work with. We have integrated our consultancy knowledge and experience and created a multidimensionally measurement platform.

RACA© Performance Management System is a new superpower of our From Strategy to Performance© model.

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