Corporate Culture and Values

With our practices within the scope of corporate culture and values; we provide discovering and developing of required cultural dynamics to achieve corporate success goals and strengthening of cultural values that accelerate the achievement of business results.

We create a common corporate language and shared culture among all executives and employees by aiming at internalizing and spreading of corporate culture and values.

We form a basis for periodically measurement of the culture by revealing the strengths and developing areas of the existing culture. We aim to reflect all the implementations to the increase in performance.

We carry out all our implementations within the scope of Corporate Culture and Values with our seed© Corporate Culture Model.

Vision, Mission, Values Workshop

We aim to review and clarify the company’s vision and mission, define the company values that form the basis of corporate culture. We create keystones of vision, mission and values within the scope of corporate culture.

Storytelling in Business

Within the scope of our Piano© Storytelling in Business Model, we design industry specific implementations with a consultancy perspective and the most up-to-date content. We improve the effects of implementations by following up the results.

In this context, we trigger creativity by creating awareness with practical, result-oriented and high-impact techniques associated with corporate strategy and priorities. We create inspiring approaches to achieve the targeted result by establishing connections with the big picture.

We aim to provide the sustainability of success by using the power of stories and making the effects of the stories permanent.

Storydoing in Business

We create and apply effective brand stories that enrich the customer experience by following the latest trends. We provide differentiation of customer experience by developing customer-focused strategy and solutions that trigger the success of the brand.

We contribute to the sustainability by measuring the impact of real brand stories and their results.

We aim to transform all the implementations within the scope of Storydoing in Business into a culture by reflecting them on business results.

Employer Branding

We clarify the priority actions to create a strong and positive employer brand by developing unique employer branding strategies and practices. In this context, we aim to provide sustainability with effective, extraordinary and distinctive implementations.

We provide information transfer by sharing the best practices, examples and experiences, and we carry out guiding implementations with the road map and employer branding checklist.


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We have created our training programs based on the rapid changes and requirements in the business world. We have designed “ambitious contents” in the fields of Culture, Strategy, Leadership and Performance.
You will go on an efficient and enjoyable learning journey with us.

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We have developed “RACA© Performance Management System” software program based on the needs of the leading companies of our country that we work with. We have integrated our consultancy knowledge and experience and created a multidimensionally measurement platform.

RACA© Performance Management System is a new superpower of our From Strategy to Performance© model.

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